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Jojo Todynho says: “If it was only because of the breasts, I would have passed” –!

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Jojo Todynho is featured in Anitta’s new video, ‘Vai Malandra’. See all photos of Anitta.

See all Anitta videos. On the same topic. Sorocaba will be a father! Are you dating? Carol Castro engages in romance with actor Bruno Cabrerizo. Go for it? They are back! Léo Santana kisses Lorena Improta and declares: ‘I want you’. Simone shows training look and slimmer body steals the show. Watch video! DJ Netto meets Hariany Almeida and officially asks her for a surprise date.

Novel ‘Salve-se Quem Puder’ has 40 rewritten chapters after actor leaves plot. Neymar Jr. Anitta declares himself to Gui Araujo on video: – I discovered that I love you very much; watch!

Check out the broadcasts that gave the talk! Ohana Lefundes, Anitta’s former affair, takes on a relationship with another dancer.

This Sunday, the 29th, Hora do Faro, from Record TV, receives the funkeira Jojo Todynho who will help MC Fuinha in the painting Vai dar Namoro. Invited to the Hora do Faro program, Jojo Todynho chooses a candidate in the painting Vai Dar Namoro, and receives a tribute from Rodrigo Faro in the painting Dança.

Meet all the children of singer Leonardo! Jojo Todynho. Anitta spent three days trying to break up with Pedro Scooby, but the surfer still tries to keep in touch with her.

Also the illustrated phrases of some films from our euteamohoje account on Instagram:. It is also worth taking inspiration from one of these and writing the message yourself! All images of films, series and etc.

Toggle navigation. Sometimes they just have the gift of making you smile. I wanted fertile land in me for love to sow.

Love messages at a distance If every couple suffers from longing, those who have a distance relationship live with this feeling daily. Phrases of eternal love Loving forever is the dream of any couple. Continue Reading. You may like. Take the test and find out! Valentine’s Day: Celebrate your bachelorhood with these 8 rituals of self-love inspired by Lizzo.

Published 3 hours ago on June 15, by Ricardo Martins. By Giulia Poltronieri. Entertainment 6 amazing items for cat lovers.

Congratulations on our first year of dating! In that first year together we shared achievements and happiness, but we also knew how to overcome the difficulties that existed together. That was just the first! May many other incredible years come with you! Your love changed everything about me. Glad you exist in my life!

Congratulations to us for this 1 year of dating! May God always enlighten our courtship, so that this true love grows even more full of joy and happiness.